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Class actions with no class
Maine Bar Journal, Spring 2003

Sue the Bastards . . . Or Not
Dissent, Summer 2003

No Joke: Lawsuit Abuse Hurts Us All
Perspective, August 2003

Tort-reform advocate criticizes system
John Greiner, The Oklahoman, 8-21-03

A Dismal Day at the Beach
Barron’s Online, 7-7-03

Tipping the Scales
Philip K. Howard, LA Times, 6-29-03

The Lawyer’s Bookshelf
Peter H. Schuck, New York Law Journal, 6-13-03

Frivolous Lawsuits Creating New Power Class - Lawyers
David Isaac, Investor’s Business Daily, 6-13-03

Class Action
Barton Aronson, Commentary Magazine, June 2003

Gun Control: The Criminal Lobby
Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Times 4-26-03

The Rule of Lawyers
Robert Lenzner, Forbes, 4-21-03

The Rule of Lawyers
Sunni Maravillosa, Townhall.com

Drawing a bead on gun suits
Jacob Sullum, Washington times, 4-21-03

Shyster Heaven
Doug Bandow, National Review, 4-21-03

Standing on Dangerous Ground
Chuck Colson, Townhall.com, 4-16-03

New Push to Grant Gun Industry Immunity From Suits
John Tierney, New York Times, 4-4-03

Freedom Book of the Month
Free-Market.net, March 2003

Lawyers get rich; we get a warped idea of blame
Peter J. Pitts, Indianapolis Star, 3-15-03

The Courts
Jonathan Shapiro, Washington Post Book World, 3-9-03

He’s Taking On the ‘Tort Kings’
Lauren Mechling, New York Sun, 2-26-03

Lawyers Rule
Daniel J. Kornstein, New York Law Journal, 2-24-03

Our ill legal ways: Are we a nation of too much litigation and an overpowered Supreme Court?
Trevor Rosson, Special to the American-Statesman, 2-16-03

The Rule of Lawyers
Philip Y. Blue, Library Journal, 2-15-03

Legal Tyrannies
Duane Freese, Tech Central Station, 2-6-03

The Rule of Lawyers
Eric Shippers, Engage (date: TBA)

Something Worth Buying
Glenn Reynolds, MSNBC News, 1-24-03

In a Class by Themselves
David A. Price, Wall Street Journal, 1-21-03

Only in America
The Lawyer.com, 1-20-03

Authors Throw the Book at Lawyers
Roger Parloff, The American Lawyer, 12-12-02


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"Anyone in the market for a truly gripping read about tort lawyers should skip Grisham's novel and instead pick up Walter K. Olson's nonfiction book The Rule of Lawyers, a brilliant expose of the way courts are being overwhelmed by mass tort actions. "
—Robert Lenzner

"In just ten chapters,
Olson provides a clear,
compelling analysis
of class action litigation and the lawyers who press for it run
amok. As the subtitle implies, the situation has transformed the
justice system into a "just us" system, with the lawyers having
their way, and undermining the rule of law in the U.S. Olson does
a masterful job of presenting the complexities of the legal system
in straightforward, nontechnical language. The Rule of Lawyers is
a very important book: one to be read and shared with others."
—Sunni Maravillosa

"By taking on some the favorite cases cited by Nader and Smith— tobacco, gun, breast implant, lead paint and asbestos litigation—Olson demonstrates how trial lawyers are turning themselves into a Fourth, higher, Branch of government, without the constraints democracy imposes on the other branches."
—Duane Freese
Tech Central Station

“While the trial lawyers continue
to prowl for the next big score,
The Rule of Lawyers provides valuable ammunition for those
who march under the banner of legal reform. Perhaps more important, it serves as a wake-up call to those who have long turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the crisis of "jackpot justice" in our courts and the growing influence
of trial lawyers in public office.”
—Eric Shippers

“Mr. Olson's engaging prose,
for all its charm, is propelled
by a sense of outrage at the abuses he describes: He slams his opponents onto the mat,
lets them rise slightly in a daze and then slams them down
again, round after round.”
—David Price
Wall Street Journal

"Olson's wry, amusing, libertarian take on the increasingly preposterous role that mass tort lawyers have assumed in our society—and in the funding of the Democratic Party—man not only spur many Democrats to reshuffle their standard talking points on those issues, but may even afford them some guilty, cant-piercing pleasures along the way."
—Roger Parloff,
Legal Times

Praise for Walter Olson's first book, The Litigation Explosion:

“From malpractice suits to libel actions, from job discrimination to divorce, suing first and asking questions later has become a way of life in the United States. The Litigation Explosion is the first major exploration of this trend—why it developed, who profits and who loses, and how it can be contained.”
Former Chief Justice
Warren E. Burger,
New York Times
Book Review, 1991